The Midhudson Chapter of NCGR was formed on February 12, 1996 at 8:07 pm in Stone Ridge, NY under the guidance of Joanne Ferdman.   We had the required ten members for forming a chapter.  Darlene Quick agreed to become treasurer.  The meetings were held on the third Thursday of the month.  Joanne charged a nominal fee, ran the meetings and lectures for free.  Monies quickly built up our treasury. 
    After about one year, Joanne started inviting guest speakers from Long Island and NYC.  These speakers usually held Saturday workshops.  The membership slowly grew.  Robert Zoller moved to the New Paltz area; he became a frequent lecturer. 
    In 2000, Joanne started going to Florida for three months during the winter.  Susan Campbell tok over the chapter during those three months; we met at the home of Darlene Quick. 
    Joanne made a permanent move to Florida in 2003.  Susan Campbell became the new president and Darlene Quick continued to be our treasurer and to host our meetings. 
    In 2004, the national NCGR board wanted all of the NCGR chapters to submiet their by-laws.  We couldn't find ours!  So, the by-laws were rewritten with the tremendous help of Nancy Sorvino our new vice-president.  Carol Kuhnle became our secretary.  We started meeting at the home of Jonathan James and then moved to the home of Susan Campbell in Saugerties. 
    The majority of our members wanted to move the meeting night to Monday, so we chose the second Monday of the month.   Our meeting places have usually been in private homes, with Darlene Quick bearing most of the burden.  We have recently been experiementing with meeting at the Marbletown Community Center in Stone Ridge, NY. 
    In the winter of 2007, the Upstate Chapter of NCGR wished to merge with us.  Their membership had falen below the required ten people.  We gratefully accepted their members into our group and became the Mid-hudson Upstate Chapter of NCGR.
    Our membership fluctuates between 25 and 30 souls. Our mission is to provide excellent astrological information at an affordable price.  To that end, our membership enrollment is very important.  NCGR at the nation level returns 1/3 of each member's membership fee to the local chapter.  It is that return that keeps us afloat when our attendance doesn't cover our meeting cost
    We welcome new members and are grateful for the continued support of our present members.